• 01/06/1990 – Marriage of Greg & Susan Geisler. Greg was the best computer programmer I ever knew and I was Best man at his wedding. He later passed on due to throat cancer.
  • 01/09/1990 – Barbara Gamblin passed as a consequence of a heart attack. I have always felt that the indirect cause of her death was the overwork and pressures put on her at the AAA in advance of their move to Orlando, Florida. She was a truly wonderful lady; I had the privilege of hiring her. Service on 01/12/1990 at Reston Bible Church.
  • 02/22/1990 – While cutting & polishing a rock in my room, I lost control of one and it barely missed my head. Found the rock later in the week.
  • 04/16/1990 – Alexander LaDue admitted to the Gateway unit of Psychology Institute of Washington (PIW)
  • 04/18/1990 – I noted in my Day Timer that today I dumped out the last of the Nyquil
  • 05/04/1990 – Broke the tendon in my left-hand middle finger
  • 05/17/1990 – Melanie’s Prom
  • 05/18/1990 – First AA meeting; at Fairfax Presbyterian Church
  • 05/19/1990 – Second AA Meeting at Bottom Line Group. I date my sobriety from this meeting as it was the first I attended of my own accord.
  • 05/29/1990 – Melanie Susan LaDue graduates from Central High School, MD
  • 07/05/1990 – Alex graduated from PIW and comes home
  • 07/27/1990 – Start of vacation at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina with kids and Pat & Denise & a baby Max. Saw Aunt Susie and had some very significant talks with her about the family past. Denise never got over the fact that I spent a long time reading β€œThe Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous. I was about 60 days into AA at the time. We stayed thru 08/04/1990.
  • 08/09/1990 – Alexander LaDue placed into Wiley House, PA
  • 08/24/1990 – Led my first AA meeting
  • 09/04/1990 – Melanie’s first day at the University of Maryland
  • 12/29/1990 – ATS relocates from office at 8301 Greensboro Drive and its headquarters at 8229 Boone Boulevard to: 800 Follin Lane, Suite 270, Vienna, VA, 22180