• 05/20/1972 – AAA trip to Madison, WI. It was during that trip that I acquired the AAA nickname of “Straight Arrow”…I skipped the bars & chasing girls and went to the University of Wisconsin Library instead. Neal Duff, my boss, gave me the name and it stuck. We were there thru 6/2/1972
  • 07/01/1972 – Living at Keystone Woods, Maryland (7495 Keystone Lane, Forestville. MD
  • 07/17/1972 – Melanie Susan LaDue born at Providence Hospital at 3:13 AM
  • 09/xx/1972 – Trip to Kentucky to visit Pat & Mother; Melanie just 2 months old.
  • 10/01/1972 – Move to Calvert Halls ($210.00/mo). 64th Avenue, # 3, Landover Hills, MD
  • 12/21/1972 – First communications with the Census Bureau related to population growth studies. Led to hundreds of hours of clandestine computer programming at the AAA as I learned the business of population projection…for my own curiosity.
  • 12/23/1972 – My brother Henry marries