• 01/xx/1970 – Pat & Motehr move into a trailer in a park
  • 05/01/1970 – Completed 2 classes at Miami-Dade Junior College (Statistics – A, German-B)
  • 05/23/1970 – Birth of Ian MacGregor
  • 05/xx/1970 – Met Debbie Swann. Henry was dating her sister Diane who introduced us.
  • 05/31/1970 – Saw Janis Joplin in concert. SHe was drunk as a skunk and was really bad.
  • 06/10/1970 – Moved into a trailer with Henry on the outskirts of Everglades national Park at 20200 W. Palm Dr., Florida City, FL.
  • 07/03/1970 – Attended the 2nd Atlanta Pop Festival with Debbie and Bernie Swann; my car broke down as we got there;  The initial repair was bogus…replaced the battery when the alternator was the real issue.
  • 07/07/1970 – Returning from the Atlanta Pop Festival, had to write a check for $2.75 to get off of the Sunshine State Parkway. I still have the cancelled check. Car died again on the way back. Getting an alternator cost us every penny we had.
  • 07/xx/1970 – Mother’s brother Brents passed
  • 12/12/1970 – Trip to Detroit for Ryder