• 02/xx/1965 – “Pops” passes
  • 06/25/1965 – On this date I started my first job as a “Programmer” although we did not call it that at the time. I was awarded a National Science Foundation Grant in the Chemistry Department at Case where I worked on a project to calculate the bonding angles of Titanium Dioxide for Dr Carlson.  At the beginning of the second semester of the previous school year, I audited  class in “Numeric Methods” which was eventually called “Programming”. After several classes, I went to Dr. Carlson and requested that he get me access to the computer which he did. My account was 42-659. I retain the lab notebook (in duplicate) where I entered the background equations and theory as well as the actual code. Even now, the actual code seems quite familiar. The Case Univac 1107 was quite distinctive and significant in the history of computing. See the links: “The Case 1107” and “The Code Card” for some details and pictures.
  • 12/xx/1965 – Home for Christmas