Many years ago I created a timeline on paper which I subsequently misplaced and which was a great loss. Today (09/24/2013) I recovered it while emptying out one of the boxes from the attic.  It is more than fitting that this below  about Pops is the first entry I made from it. My daughter Melanie left a message for me on the front page. I remember fussing at her about that but I treasure it now.

  • 08/10/1875 – Frank Elmer LaDue born. King’s father; I knew him as “Pops” and he was the loving grandfather that I loved in return. He was the only adult male figure in my early years that I revere. He left a typed autobiography which is retained in the scrapbook that i created and which is dedicated to him and his son, Kingsbury (“King”) who became my step-father in 1955.