Frank Elmer (Pops) LaDue

“Pops” as we called him was the father of Kingsbury Clark LaDue, my step-father and that makes him my Grandfather. In fact, the only Grandfather I knew and a man that I loved. He wrote out his own auto-biography in 1957 which I reproduce word-for-word below. The original is contained in the scrapbook that I made that is dedicated to him and King.

Anything that is in italics  is something that I have added to the original for clarity or additional detail.

  • 1875 – I was born in Warren, Vermont, on August 10 (Mother (Frances Bragg) passed away three days later). Warren, Vermont was a lively town with 300 voters, one-third of which were Grand Army Men (Veterans of the Civil War). The town had a number of luumber mills. The nearest railroad was seven miles away and was seven miles in length. The stage coach was used to bring passengers and mail to the town. It was not uncommon to have men run out of town for engaging in lumber jack fights of sled stake fights.
  • 1885 – My dad (Elmer John LaDue)graduated from Harvard Medical School and set up practice in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • 1886 – Dad met with a fatal accident in his office. (05/12/1888 according to the actual gravesite…see the following section).
  • 1887 – I was sent to Hanks Farm in Warren, Vermont, where for the small payment of $85.00  per year, I tended cows, did other farm duties as well as attended school.
  • 1888 – I went to East Betherl, Vermont, where I attended school and worked on the farm during the day and worked in a general store in the evening. My stay there was cut short when I was caught sneaking across a freshly painted porch roof to chart with the owner’s daughter.
  • 1889 – I shifted to a job as a grocery clerk in Bethel, Vermont, a real live town on the railroad.
  • 1892 – I married Miss Dolly Flowers, age 16 (He would have been about the same age)
  • 1893 – I went to work for the Mann Clothing Company as salesman for $15.00 per week. Room and board at this time was $3.00 per week. After six months experience, I influenced the boss to run a sale, which resulted in the outfitting of 64 lumber jacks in one day. ( a little whiskey in the basement kinda helped the same along).
  • 1894 – I went to work for our competitor for $16.00 a week and stayed on for a year and a half.
  • 1894 – At twenty years of age, I went into partnership and started the Brooks-La Due Company. We carried hardware, groceries, crockery, and the town’s telephone switchboard.
  • 1896 – With the town business in Bethel dependent upon a shoe factory and tannery, it wasn’t long after fire demolished the shoe factory that I dissolved my partnership.
  • 1897 – I went to Portland, Maine, where I worked for Lewis Hall & Company, manufacturer of suits, for $25.00 per week plus traveling expenses. With my wife and child remaining at home, I traveled New england using a team of horses, buggy and driver.
  • 1904 – My first wife and  I parted with young Lawrence joining his mother.
  • 1906 – I remarried – Bertha Monoghan.
  • 1907 – My wife joined me in my jaunt through the western states as traveling salesman.
  • 1910 – 12/31/1910 – My second son, King C. La Due, was born
  • 1912 – I became manager of the Clothier’s Supply Company at 69 Summer Street, Boston and resided in Dorchester.
  • 1921 – I entered into partnership in the clothing store La Due-Mann Co., Inc.
  • 1933 – La Due Thomas Company
  • 1935 – La Due Sachs Company
  • 1939 – La Due Division of Zollotto Cohan Company
  • 1940 – At the age of 65 I worked for the WPA loading trucks at the gravel pits, working on sidewalks, schools and hospitals for $13.50 per 4-day week.
  • 1942 – I left the WPA for an ambulance job at Quincy City Hospital.
  • 1946 – I was transferred to the drug department at the hospital.
  • 1946 – Retired from Quincy Hospital and at the age of 71 joined J&M.
  • 1956 – My beloved wife passed away.
  • 1957 – Retired from J&M to spend my next 100 years with my son in Florida.


The tombstone of Great-Grandfather LaDue (Elmer John LaDue) is shown on the web at the link:

In case that ever disappears, the photo shown is:

With the following other details:

Birth: Nov. 20, 1856
Windsor County
Vermont, USA
Death: May 12, 1888
Suffolk County
Massachusetts, USA

Buried with his 1st wife “Frankie” Bragg.Family links:
Frankie I Bragg LaDue (1857 – 1875)*
Ida J Miller Gregory (1860 – 1938)*Children:
Edmund Stephen Ladue (1886 – 1946)*
Warren Village Cemetery
Washington County
Vermont, USA