• 01/01/1988 – ATS “Death Match” to finish a project. High of 152 hours for 1 week, starting 2/29/88. Working in the Lee Building (5881 Leesburg Pike, Suite 500, Falls Church, VA, 22041)
  • 07/22/1988 – Disaster of the initial F-42 System for HUD. Most everyone let go, only 3 of us remained. I had been slowly passed the details of what had been promised to HUD by Judy and her Partner. It was an impossible solution. Late one night after finally receiving from them the real details of the volumns involved, I did some rough calculations and discovered that the database solution they were proposing would require some 36+ hours to print on the fastest PC & printer available at the time. It would take some days (I forget exactly how many but it was more than a week) to just do the calculations. This was the only time in my career that I actually broke out into a real sweat over a problem. I was compelled to deliver the news and my proposed solution to the customer (Dr. William Shaw…one very kewl man) who rejected it and sent us back to the drawing boards. The system I put in its place still runs as of 09/2013.
  • 08/07/1988 – Vacation in Wrightsville Beach; continue down to visit my Aunt Susie and Uncle Bruce. Very special conversations with Susie. Thru 08/14/1988
  • 10/14/1988 – Jan moves to 9625 Blake Lane, Fairfax, Va 22021
  • 12/16/1988 – Melanie in “The Glass Menagerie” at Central High School